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Terms & Conditions

T's & C's

The Customer’ is the company, organisation or individual hiring the equipment, whose registered office
is Unit 15 Tower Industrial Estate, Berinsfield, Wallingford, OX10 7LN, United Kingdom
The “Customer” hence forth refers to ‘Customer’.
‘Contract’ is the contract for hire of equipment by the Customer from DigiSet LTD, incorporating these terms and conditions.
‘Equipment’ is the equipment covered under the Contract or any product thereof.
‘Hire Period’ is the period commencing on the date of collection or despatch of the Equipment from DigiSet LTD premises and
ending on the date of return of the Equipment to DigiSet's LTD premises.
‘Hire Charge’ is the weekly charge payable by the Customer to DigiSet LTD based on the unit rates as advised to the Customer.
‘Hire Location’ is the location (or locations in case of a touring production), within England and Wales as detailed in the
Hire Contract, at which the Customer shall use the Equipment

Any request for hire of Equipment shall be made in writing by a Customer but no contract shall be entered into between DigiSet LTD
and the Customer until DigiSet LTD has accepted and acknowledged in writing the Customer’s request for hire. Any contract shall be
subject to these terms and conditions which shall prevail over any other terms and conditions. The Contract shall be subject to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales and shall be governed and construed under English law

DigiSet LTD hereby hires to the Customer the Equipment, for use in the Hire Location, for the Hire Period, at the Hire Charge.
Specifications, particulars, descriptions and drawings issued by DigiSet LTD should be considered as approximations to present a
general impression and shall not form a part of the Contract.

We may issue a verbal or informal quote through email. This is a guideline only and a quotation is only enforceable when provided on our authority on headed paper. All quotes are to be treated as estimates in case additional work is required for unforeseen circumstances.

All quotes last for 14 days from the date provided. Should your event require extra equipment, time or staffing then you will be liable for the cost of this. We do not allocate equipment for a customer until the quotation has been confirmed with a Purchase Order or full payment.

A verbal or written acceptance of any provided quote binds you to the value of this as in the booking conditions above and further binds you to the conditions of these terms.

For hires of up to a fortnight, the Customer shall pay to DigiSet LTD the full Hire Charge in advance of commencement of the Hire
Period. For longer Hire Periods, payments shall be made at fortnightly intervals in advance. Where credit facilities are granted
to the Customer by DigiSet LTD, invoices shall be payable within 7 days by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed by DigiSet LTD.
Production services, packing, delivery, and collection shall be charged additionally by DigiSet LTD and shall be invoiced and payable on the same basis.
VAT shall be charged additionally at the prevailing rate.
In case of any overdue payments, the Customer shall pay interest charges to DigiSet LTD for the delay period, calculated on a daily
basis at the prevailing base rate.

In case of delivery of Equipment by DigiSet LTD or by a carrier, the dates and times agreed are approximate only and DigiSet LTD shall not be liable for any delays to the Equipment for whatsoever reason.
The risk in the Equipment shall pass to the Customer upon delivery.
The Customer shall inspect all Equipment on receipt and within one working day of such, shall notify DigiSet LTD in writing by fax or
email, of any damage or shortages. The Customer shall return damaged equipment to DigiSet LTD or retain it for inspection by the
carrier, as required by DigiSet LTD.
In case the Customer fails to notify DigiSet LTD of damages or shortages within one working day of receipt, or in case the Customer
fails to follow instructions in respect of return or inspection, the Customer shall pay the full cost of repair or replacement of the Equipment in addition to the full Hire Charge for the period that the equipment is absent from DigiSet LTD premises.

In the event that the value of the Equipment is in excess of £100 (as notified by DigiSet LTD) the Customer shall insure the Equipment
against loss, damage and all risks for its full replacement cost, as advised by DigiSet LTD for the full Hire Period. Insurance shall be
effected with a reputable insurance company acceptable to DigiSet LTD.
Costs of loss and damage shall be reimbursed by the Customer immediately on receipt of payment by the Customer from the insurer, or at latest, at 30 days from date of incurrence of the loss or damage, whichever shall be the sooner.


The Customer shall ensure that the Equipment is installed and operated by competent persons in accordance with prevalent
regulations, especially those in respect of Health & Safety, Electrical Safety and Lighting Operations. The Customer shall install
and use the Equipment in a weatherproofed, indoor environment, except where the order acknowledgement specifically
provides for outdoor usage.
The Customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred by DigiSet LTD to rectify damage or deterioration of the Equipment in consequence of improper use. DigiSet LTD shall have the right to inspect the Equipment at the Hire Location at any time between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm throughout the Hire Period.

Ownership of the Equipment shall at all times remain with DigiSet LTD. The Customer is not permitted to sell or re- hire the
Equipment other than in the case of re-hire by recognised lighting hire or event management companies and as specifically
agreed in writing and on terms approved by DigiSet LTD.

The Customer shall be wholly responsible and hold DigiSet LTD indemnified against all loss or damages, liabilities, claims, demands
and legal proceedings that may arise as a consequence of any accident or default involving the Equipment.


The liability of DigiSet LTD for any defect in the Equipment shall in no case exceed either:
a. The manufacturer’s warranty for Equipment under warranty, or
b. The costs of replacement or repairs of defective equipment, or
c. A refund of the Hire Charge for the period that the faulty Equipment remains unserviceable.

DigiSet LTD may terminate the Contract for Hire in the event that:
a. The Customer is in default in payment of Hire Charges, or
b. The Customer commits a material breach of their obligations herein, or
c. The Customer enters into liquidation, administration, receivership or any arrangement with its creditors.

On termination of the Contract, the Customer agrees to return the Equipment to DigiSet LTD within one working day. In the event of
their failure to so do, the Customer authorises DigiSet LTD to enter any premises where DigiSet LTD reasonably considers the Equipment to be located for the purposes of recovery and removal of the Equipment.
Any termination of the Contract shall not affect the rights or liabilities of either DigiSet LTD or the Customer.


While DigiSet LTD undertakes to use its best endeavours to implement all obligations under the Contract in a timely and efficient
manner, it cannot accept any responsibility for any failure or delay for whatsoever reason caused by circumstances beyond its
control and no refund will be provided.


Other Conditions From time to time we may impose additional conditions within contracts, and some of our services may not seem expressed within these conditions, should you have doubt as to what applies please do contact us.

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Privacy & Data
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